MatKon Group


An overview over the MatKon Group


MatKon IP - MatKons original main business, and the largest business unit in MatKon group. We are the Danish leaders in the refurbishment of IP equipment. Such a privilege commits us to seek uncomprominsing quality, that it has given us clear opportunities to start the following business units based on the same values: undisputed quality, precision and satisfaction.



MatKon Data & IT -We believe that the IT market needed MatKonish values, and so the plan was clear: We will add custom quality and flexibility in a market that lacks it, and a showdown with the highly inflated prices. (Go to the website here (only in danish))



MatKon App & Software - We are developing apps and software with a highly flexible, collaborative approach. Thus, the "locked" FRS is dropped, and instead made into a generic document, which forces us to develop and cooperate, and to ensure the desired quality and function. Experience shows that there is always a development when such collaborations startes up, both for those who have the concept and those who perform the technique. (Website under construction)


MatKon Travel - Go with us to a place, that for those who have been there is the most beautiful, most relaxing and tastiest experience. The country of Georgia has been unknown for most people – we would like to correct that mistake, because everyone deserves to experience Georgia.

(Go to the website here)

MatKon Group Values


MatKon Group is a collection of strategic business units - and the strategy that connects them is clear: No matter what industry each unit is operating in, they do it with the culture and values that are the foundation for all of MatKon:


We only do it if we have passion for it


We only do it if we believe we can be the best


We will in all situations see the concept of quality as one that can only be defined by the customer's full satisfaction



MatKon ApS 2009-2017 CVR: 37 82 93 82 Office, production & warehouse: Måløv Byvej 229K, 2760 Måløv Phone: 32 11 30 73