Who is MatKon IP?


MatKon was founded in the spring of 2009, and has since specialized in various kinds of partnerships, notably by cooperating and helping ISP, telecom and technology companies to handle their technical equipment.


We have since the beginning in 2009, developed many cost-effective solutions in cooperation with our partners. In addition to our experience as a company, the staff in MatKon has great experience through our previous positions in the telecommunications and technology companies. We have expertise in the technical and logistical requirements, as well as the required communication, production and management skills.



To give companies new opportunities to reuse and maintain their electronic products, and streamline with precision, the highest quality and to their full satisfaction.



We know we have reached our goal, when we through our skills and behavior create solutions, that actively helps our partners reach their goals and achieve their full potential.










Cooperation, because we have to work openly together, about the many facets as the above cover. Especially the cooperation with the technicians is important, but also purchasing / logistics will be involved.


Confidence, because we handle and evaluate a process where our partners do not necessarily see the equipment from it comes back from customers, till it arrives at a new customer again, while we often have access to enter auto files in the CRM system (depending on the selected setup).


Savings and income, because we ensure reuse of equipment, which often have a high purchase price and thus higher earnings, as the cost of new purchases is reduced significantly.


Environment, because we recycle as much equipment as possible. Particularly recycling of the electronic equipment has a beneficial impact on our environment and especially, when the equipment is sent for destruction in the most environmentally correct way. If you for example throw a PCB away, it will take nature 600 years to decompose it.



We prioritize taking care of our environment, and we also make sure to dispose and destroy the equipment, in the most environmentally friendly way.


To dispose and destroy in the most environmentally friendly way is done by sorting the various waste items and drop off for recycling.



We send between 250 and 440 kg. clean cardboard for recycling every week.



We send an average of 349 kg. of circuit boards for recycling each month.



We send monthly more than 132 kg. cables for reuse.



We send weekly over 81 kg. combustible.



We send an average of 228 kg. electronic scrap for recycling a month.



We send weekly more than 127 kg. hard plastic for recycling.



We send an average of more than 84 kg. Metals a month.



We send an average of 196 kg. powersupplies for recycling a month.



MatKon ApS 2009-2017 CVR: 37 82 93 82 Office, production & warehouse: Måløv Byvej 229K, 2760 Måløv Phone: 32 11 30 73