Business units

The telco-industry in general have not been efficient in finding closed local loops for the hardware they manage, for many private residents and offices across the world. MatKon Refurbish want to make this possible for the industry, by providing state-of-the-art refurbishment solutions as well as substantially downsizing the negative environmental impact, by providing closed local loops for their hardware as well as raw materials.

We provide established IT companies with sufficient data, knowledge and a local closed loop for the hardware they sell or lease, so that they might contribute positively and inspire their customers to do the same, in a future where none can afford a global e-waste system, as it is today. We reuse as much as possible, then we make new products out of the raw materials – all this, locally.

As a service partner for manufacturers and importers of various electronic home appliances, such as coffee machines, vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances we focus on prolonging the lifecycle of the products with maintenance, repairing, reuse, reselling and upcycle/recycle - all local. 

Tourism as it is today, is generally an enormous challenge for our environment – and many communities. We want to provide established tourism agencies and bureaus with solutions that makes it easy for them to offer responsible travels and communicate it to the tourist.