MatKon Data

Changing the impact of electronic consumer products

IT and electronic consumer goods are a fully integrated part of our lives. Every day, better computers, home appliances and other electronic goods are developed. However, a largely overseen issue of this is the extraordinary waste of natural resources.

MatKon Data designs and takes part in a new lifecycle management that takes a new and extended approach to the meaning of sustainability: Manufacturers, distributors, and users are links in a chain that extends the lifespan of goods and raw materials, while transforming the largely unknown and destructive social impact of the current lifecycle of electronics.

Did you know?

About 55 million tons of e-waste is yearly produced worldwide, and growing. Northern Europeans are way ahead of other regions, when it comes to consumption of new electronics.

Around 80% of all e-waste ends up in the poorest parts of Asia, Africa and South America, being recycled manually and with great health risks and direct damage to the surrounding environment.

Virtually all plastics from e-waste is burned. Today, “Recycling” means burning the plastic for energy in return. However, the energy recovered is by far exceeded by the energy usage from making a new, similar plastic module.

What we do

Changing the impact

The world needs the IT industry to change its impact on this planet. MatKon Data is determined to help and inform established IT infrastructure suppliers who seek to maintain improvement of technology, without compromising what matters most.

Delivering knowledge

Hardware circularity, environmental and social impact, and raw material – we will deliver know-how in all three areas, which is necessary to create a truly circular business model. To us, a holistic and yet flexible approach is the only way this can be done.

Local lifecycle loop

We are mostly concerned with the underlying causes behind the global problem of e-waste. That means securing a local loop of hardware, prolonging the lifespan locally and making sure that new products will be made from the raw materials from the outgoing products. Finally, cleaning up the mess that has been made on e-waste dumping sites across the world.

How we do it


MatKon Data positions itself between the manufacturer and the purchaser (distributor or user), forming a link between them. The purpose of this is to supply a common single point of local take-back for all used products. This allows us to resell the hardware in a local/regional loop, as well as keeping track of where the products are.

For the manufacturer, this means a way to achieve minimal environmental impact by directly involving itself in creating the optimal lifecycle of hardware. Simultaneously, the economic efficiency of every product increase by getting a share of every secondhand sale – as well as the up -or recycling of the raw materials.

For the distributors, this means a single purchaser, refurbisher and recycler of all hardware, streamlining this part of the business. As demand for used equipment rises, the supplier can buy or rent hardware from the same source.

Reuse what can be reused – this simple yet vitally important principle remains a cornerstone in our way of doing business. During the last 10 years we have put all our efforts to create a locally closed loop, which would allow to prolong the life cycle of most of the physical products that end up in Matkon, as well as reduce (and eliminate in a longer perspective) the waste.

Partners and Clients