MatKon ProService

We create service experiences and concepts
to support your business and circular economy

Manufacturers and distributors of electronic home appliances will normally have an extensive service and repair department. Today, ProService handle the tasks within this department as a service partner, for both manufacturers and distributors.

As an experienced service partner for the industry, we know that the service functions determine customer satisfaction, reputation, and internal efficiency.

Besides providing customer and repair service, we help improve the environmental impact. On-site service is delivered with electric cars, products are kept alive as long as possible in a local loop. We dismantle the outgoing products ourselves, so we can upcycle or recycle the raw materials.

How we do it

Customer service

Remote and in-person customer service is crucial – as we have experienced for more than a decade. A Successful customer relation, for us, is the ability to give the customer quick and precise information and a positive and constructive mindset. Customer service is basically about having genuine interest in helping the person in front of you – or at the other end of the line.<br /> A new way of interacting with customers remote, is through video calls – this improves understanding and success rate of self-maintenance, primarily because the customer is able to see live, what the technician is explaining.

Maintenance and repair

Our technical abilities are broad and acquired through many years of working with a wide range of electronic consumer products. For customer relations- and environmental reasons, emphasize on maintenance or repair without the need for new spare parts. However, repair is not avoidable and a quick and effectful repair is of equal importance.

Local lifecycle loop

An immense number of natural resources can be saved, by applying a local lifecycle loop. MatKon ProService does not only improve the longevity of each product through maintenance and repair. Most outgoing products can be refurbished into a secondhand product, ready to be sold locally. Our Resell & Return concept is not just a secondhand outlet but gives an important incentive for the customer to return the product. We return a part of the price the customer paid for the secondhand product, when returned to us. When the product is finally outgoing from the market, we dismantle it and make new products out of as many of the raw materials as we can. The plastic from a coffee machine can become new consumer products.

Reporting back customer cases and data

The work of our technicians and the feedback they get from the customer, is all valuable information. ProService can design and integrate a simplified and efficient report-back system. We are also experienced in adapting to our clients’ existing report-back system – we stay agile and flexible, because the needs of two clients are never the same. Customer feedback is also important data, when the question is how to prolong the life of products – which usually comes down to maintenance by the customer.

Reuse what can be reused – this simple yet vitally important principle remains a cornerstone in our way of doing business. During the last 10 years we have put all our efforts to create a locally closed loop, which would allow to prolong the life cycle of most of the physical products that end up in Matkon, as well as reduce (and eliminate in a longer perspective) the waste.

Partners and Clients