Our purpose is to redefine the measure of success and value in the industries we work within, moving patiently forward knowing that fundamental changes are implemented through long-term efforts, while impatiently pressing this agenda knowing that these very changes are needed, as soon as possible.

Our mission therefore is to complete a local, full closed loop system that will not only help our own business improve both environmentally and financially, but also be a decent example of sustainable solutions for our partners. We will always aim for integrating otherwise unused resources as much as possible back into the supply chain – to close the loop, and we will always gladly share our experience with other companies.

1. We create ideas of how to improve the existing business model into a sustainable one by reusing resources that can possibly be reused.
2. We implement these solutions.
3. We reduce the waste of resources by turning most of them back into the loop.
4. We close the loop.
5. We gladly share our own experience with our partners and constantly learn from theirs.