Our responsibility

Our responsibility

In the future, we believe that the value of a company will not only be measured in sales numbers, but also its ability to grow without compromising the environment.

This is the train of thought behind the common strategy for all our business units. No matter which industry our activities reach, we think impact first – meaning that our first priority is influencing the industry in an environmentally sustainable direction.

Our purpose is to redefine the measure of success and value in the industries we work within, moving patiently forward knowing that fundamental changes are implemented through long-term efforts, while impatiently pressing this agenda knowing that these very changes are needed, as soon as possible.

Collectively, we all work for an economic system that thrives on consumption rather than preservation of resources, which makes it extremely difficult to actually implement preservation, without imposing vital consequences on others. We acknowledge that it will take a long time to turn that system of behavior around and that this rely on collective effort, which is why a vital ingredient in our approach is seeking collaborative activities. The synergy created and resources preserved, when a number of organizations is working together for a common purpose, will increase the concrete impact that one organization can have.

Our main commitments in MatKon Group:

1. Our business is based on supplying the only lifecycle for physical products which can possibly be deemed sustainable: A local loop which starts with reusing/refurbish, reselling, repairing and finally upcycling/recycling of the materials dismantled from the product – all local. We are equally commited to help the tourism industry transform into a force that positively support the local societies and surrounding environment. 

2. We will always be actively involved in programs, issued by either our own organization or others, that helps marginalized and socially impaired groups of society, such as immigrants, autists and physichally impaired into work.

3. We commit to stay as relevant as possible for the world, in terms of environmental sustainability. In practice, this means that we will stay at the forefront of insight on this field, which will tell us how we as a business can contribute as much as possible – if the gathered information tells us that we need to change our business, in order to stay relevant, we will do so.