Our Story

Early stages

In the winter of 2009 MatKon started off in a basement, refurbishing network equipment for a Telecommunication operator. Such as the dominant way of thinking was at the time, we didn’t realize the importance nor our own potential for helping manufacturers and distributors of electronic equipment making a local loop, wherein a continuous reuse of both product and raw materials would be very useful from an environmental point of view.
In the next handful of years, the company slowly grew adding a number of different services relevant to the vision of local loop for electronics. Besides ICT equipment we now performed on-site service and repair on several consumer electronics.

Changing from within

In 2016 we changed our way of recruiting and man management, from which the company had a solid foundation for future growth. The keywords for this new way are diversity, teamwork and discipline – this has resulted in a team with individuals from many nations and backgrounds who think forward for the good of the team and company, leading to disciplined thoughts and actions.
In 2018 it was decided that MatKon would purchase its own plastic shredder, so that we could keep the plastic we already dismantle from end-of-life electronics and thereby make new products out of the reused plastic.

MatKon Group

In 2020 we reorganized our activities into 4 business units: MatKon Refurbish, MatKon Proservice and MatKon Data – dividing the activities which targets different clients but all three work together to bring the most environmental life cycle solutions for manufacturers and distributors of electronic equipment.
The fourth business unit is MatKon Travel and had a finalized concept, after years of preparation, in 2020. On the one hand it’s wildly different than the rest of MatKon Group and on the other, it really makes sense that we take our expertise in- and hand-on experience implementing circular economy regionally into a global platform – after all, our visions of a future where can live on this planet without systematically destroying it, can only happen if it’s shared worldwide.

Impact first

In the same period, the purpose of the company became more and more evident. We needed a way to clearly and simply state that purpose and the result was a new slogan: Impact First. As a constant reminder of why this company is here and how its existence will stay relevant in a world that needs all organization to focus on their environmental and social impact.

Staying relevant

In 2021 we reached two important milestones: Launching a resell department which only sells second-hand electronics and pays a part of the price back to the customer when returning the product, as well as using only electric cars for company driving during on-site service, delivery, etc.