An optimal example of the holistic solution we offer telecommunication companies, is our collaboration with Fastspeed, a Danish operator. Before launch of this new operator, they approached MatKon Refurbish to know more about the solution we offer. From their launch in 2018, Refurbish has been Fastspeeds chosen take-back, refurbish, packaging and branding partner and – of course – making plastics from their e-waste into new products.


Our collaboration with Miele in Scandinavia is increasingly comprehensive and cover repair and maintenance of several products. All on-site service is delivered via our electric cars. The common long-term vision is to maintain a longer life of the products, for example by creating improved methods for the user to maintain the product as well as local secondhand outlet, where we reward the user for returning after use.
In another collaboration in ProService, with Nespresso Denmark, we use only public transportation and walking, when maintaining coffee machines in Copenhagen.


In a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark and Nordic council of ministers, MatKon Data supplied its deep insight in the world of e-waste as well as offering models on a local and global scale, that could improve the impact of the industry.

A case of Group collaboration

Telia Company chose MatKon Group to be one of the main advisors and supplier, that will help them to reach their vision to achieve a zero waste business in 2030. This project has already required Refurbish, ProService and Data working together to supply Telia with the best and most direct solution achieve this ambition.

Besides Refurbish whose part is evident, ProService supplies both a takeback and secondhand selling platform for the many consumer electronics sold in their shops (including a reward system for returning product at EoL). MatKon Data has given extensive advisory to Telia, outlining the facts and figures of global e-waste issue and how they could address it.