Social Initiatives

While we recognize the individual’s ability to change mindset and outcome, we equally recognize the fact that people are influenced by environment, which either supports or holds back the individual. Some individuals also experience a different way of understanding and relating to the world around them.
In MatKon, having an inclusive view on people is a completely integrated part of the environmental efforts our business is based on, since it’s hard for us to imagine a divided community working together efficiently, in a more sustainable direction.
We know that diversity in a group creates innovation and out-of-the-normal thinking – which is what the world needs, urgently. We need to change the status quo of the underlying mechanism that perpetuates human inability to relate to each other and the outside world, in less harmful and destructive ways.

Our efforts:

Collaboration with Specialisterne ApS

Specialisterne help people within the autism spectrum to approach the labor markets.
We started off by outsourcing tasks to Specialisternes’ HQ, where the ones who were not yet hired elsewhere, would be managing the tasks.
From this collaboration, we’ve been able to permanently hire 5 people within the spectrum + 5 interns.

Collaboration with HKI

HKI help people within the autism spectrum as well as immigrants and refugees to approach the labor market. We outsourced tasks and activated up to 10 people in their own workshop as well as had 5 interns in MatKon.

Collaboration with municipalities/social programs

Managers of various social programs call us, when a person with some sort of disability, for example injuries from former work places, needs a part-time job.

Collaboration with language schools

We quickly saw the great potential of adding language schools as a platform for hiring. Immigrants and refugees were often unable to use their skills or desire to work, in a society that are increasingly focused on a narrow set of criteria and characters. Since 2016 we’ve hired more than 25 immigrants/refugees and many of them have moved on to jobs that fitted to their educational skills. Many companies do not want to hire people in this group, unless they have work experience in Denmark and/or speak fluently Danish. We give possibilities to add both to their resume.

Collaboration with Warrior Princess Yoga

A way of cultivating an inclusive and healthy lifestyle is yoga.
MatKon offers office yoga, yoga in nearby studios and online classes.