Keep it alive – how electronic home appliances can be kept alive the longest

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Keep it alive – how electronic home appliances can be kept alive the longest

Basically, there are two decisions you as a consumer must make.

1) Do the maintenance of your electronic products. Clean and descale your coffee machine, check the filters in your vacuum cleaner – all this is preventive, meaning that it should be done while the product is still healthy, in order to keep it that way. This can be done at home as well as a technician can. However, if you want to be sure of an all-round maintenance, contact your local authorized technicians.

Why? Because the product will keep working for many years – a coffee machine can easily survive 10 years, if properly maintained and so will a vacuum machine and other home appliances. That also means you will spend a lot less money in the long run.
Most manuals has a lengthy section about maintenance. However, some lack details about how to carry out the procedures. For example, the descaling tablets sold by the manufacturers can prove ineffective (we recommend citric acid-based fluid mixed with water at least 80 degrees Celsius. Again, contact your local authorized technician to learn more.

2) When your product stops working properly and need repair and no longer under warranty, you’re often faced with the choice of paying a price for new spareparts, that seem unreasonable compared to the price of a brand new product. In this situation, many people choose the seemingly obvious option, which is to discard the used product.

This system, enforced by the manufacturer as well as the general lack of maintenance by the consumer, is a comfortable “deal” between the two, because one gets to sell a lot more products with their name on it and the other can buy a new, cheap product.

However, the massive consumption of electronic consumer products – driven by both manufacturer and consumer – is not a system without consequence for the one thing we all share: this planet. Our request to people is to consider these products for what they are: a mix of plastics (oil) and precious metals, recourses from this planet, build up over millions of years as part of a complex life supporting system. We ought to do what we can to protect that which we are a part of – to not push things too far out of balance. An easy, effectful and cost saving way of starting, is to keep your electronic products alive, firstly through timely maintenance and secondly through repair. If you can afford to buy a new product again and again, you can also afford to keep your current one alive.