We provide an extended lifecycle solution for manufacturers and distributors of consumer electronics and other physical products. We keep the products alive as long as possible in a local or regional loop, via our take-back system and various life-prolonging services. At end-of-life, we disassemble the products and make new products with the reused materials.

Matkon – life prolonging services

We combine our technical, logistical and environmental knowledge, to make sure network-equipment is refurbished as much as possible in order to reduce the need for new equipment. Through our local closed loop

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We create service experiences and concepts, to support your business and circular economy. ProService execute maintenance, repairing, reuse, resell and upcycling for companies – all local and on a wide range of electronic…

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Our purpose is to redefine the measure of success and value in the industries we work within.
We think impact first – meaning that our first priority is to know and continuously improve how our actions affect our world, no matter which industry our activities reach.
We commit to stay as relevant as possible for the world, in terms of environmental sustainability.

Most of Danish internet providers have their customers to return their used equipment. But how long can the actual lifecycle of a wifi-router last and what happens to it after you no longer use the services of your current internet provider? In this short video we have collected and displayed the essential highlights of the journey of a wi-fi router. Go to media

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